CTP Ethiopia Support


CTP Ethiopia offers multiple types of support. We offer mentorship support to people enrolled in our summer session programs. We match students with mentors who will guide the students throughout the whole application process and beyond. To be part of our mentorship program, you should be enrolled in our summer session programs. We will be posting updates on our News website and our social media platforms when the applications for the summer session programs open.

Online Learning

Part of CTP Ethiopia’s community support includes our outreach at CTP Guides & Podcast. Even more useful is our online learning platform called myCTP. There are courses that guide on how to study for the SAT, resources for SAT, and college application demystification. Registration is free and available except when the summer session is happening.

Technical Support

We have a dedicated technical support team over at To access help on creating and submitting support tickets, please follow this guide. We usually respond to help requests in less than 48 hours. Technical support includes help on registering for myCTP and any type of technical support on our systems.