Throughout the last 2 years, students in Addis Ababa and Ato. Michael Yimesgen has been working to create a database of companies that are leaders in their respective industries. Students from Columbia University joined this effort to connect with more hiring personnel and design a free website platform that connects students with influential companies and organizations in Addis Ababa.

Challenges We Aim to Solve

It is hard for students to connect with firms in Ethiopia. Some students may want to speak to professionals for career advice or discuss career or internship opportunities in their organizations. However, since it is difficult to connect with professionals, students are discouraged from asking and engaging in serious conversations about their future careers. In addition, employers find it difficult to find talented students from diverse backgrounds when making hiring decisions for job or internship positions.

Who Can Use This Platform

This is a platform for all students in Ethiopia completing their degrees, Ethiopian students studying in universities outside the country, high school students, and recent graduates who are interested in exploring career opportunities in Ethiopia.


Our goal is to provide a bridge to connect students to company representatives and thereby allow students to engage in thoughtful dialogue about their professional aspirations and employers to find talented future hires.