CTP has a rich network of alumni that are current college students and others who have graduated and are now part of renowned companies and universities. In the near future, it is our goal to create a platform to connect current high school students to CTP Alumni.

We have featured the recent alumni who got into extremely competitive schools like Harvard and MIT on our news updates. Read more here.

Here are some of our Alumni and where they are currently:

The CTP summer session was helpful as the instructors were relatable and provided us with support that we as Ethiopian high school students needed!

Hayat Shibeshi, Bryn Mawr College ‘23

Not only did CTP motivate me to study for my SAT’s, but it also provided me with a comfortable environment to learn test taking strategies and to practice questions. Throughout the 6 weeks, I got a head start on my applications and gained a clear understanding of the college application process. ​

Sorenie Lemma, ​Bryn Mawr College ‘20

​CTP has been a big help for all of my application process including the examinations I was bound to take. It has also been such a great journey making new friends and comforting each other throughout out the way.

Betelhem Teshome, Jacobs University ‘23

I participated in CTP twice: once as a student and a second time as an instructor. The college application process is a world unto its own with expectations that are not necessarily aligned with what one would expect coming out highschool. CTP helped me understand these expectations and trained me to meet them. I am certain that without this program, I would have found the application process to be significantly more challenging. Most of all, though, CTP provides a way to connect people that have similar ambitions which makes the whole process a lot less lonely.

Dawit Belayneh, University of Chicago ‘21

Some of my high school friends and I decided to join CTP after taking matric, since our first try as seniors had not been fruitful. I personally found doing practice tests in a real classroom setting very useful. The tips and suggestions I received from the mentors gave me a sense of relief as I felt like I wasn’t going through the process alone. Be sure to stay in touch with your CTP friends and ask questions when you’re not sure! You can do this!

Eyobel Gebre, Williams College ‘21

I attended CTP’s second session back in 2015 and it was a great experience. It helped me to get a head start in my SAT prep and gave me the confidence to tackle other aspects of the college application process.

Dagmawi Sraj, Columbia ‘20

Taking part in the 2015 Summer CTP session helped me with my college appplication process in so many ways. I was able to get a good sense of what the common app essay was and how to tackle it. I also appreciated the fact that CTP’s instructors were college students who have gone through the application process. It also made me comfortable to ask questions and interact with them.

Achie Gebre, Princeton University ‘20

I really enjoyed CTP because I got to personally talk to College students who were in the same situation as me just a few years ago. They gave me brilliant tips I used while applying. More than anything, I could reach out to them with any questions I had. And even to this day, they are more than willing to help.

Gelila Getinet, Rochester Institute of Technology ‘22

The college application process is a very long, detailed, and overwhelming process. When I first came across the idea of applying to colleges outside Ethiopia, my biggest fear was how to navigate through the whole application process and find the best fit for me. CTP gave me the support system I needed from so many people who share the same experience. The application process couldn’t be more clearer than how ctp structures and teaches its students.

Lidya Bekele, Lehigh University ‘22