Talking to Admission Officers

Hey everyone! Get ready for another weekly CTP tip! Following up last week’s post on the college search, this week we’ll be talking about how to correspond with admissions officers.
The college search is a crucial part of the application process but reaching out to admissions offices can be overlooked. When in doubt(about say a college’s application requirements), admissions officers are the best source of information. Though it can be scary writing to them, know that they’re actually happy to answer any questions you have aaand it’s part of their job to address your concerns too.
Think through what you want to ask or what your objective is and try to respond within two days of getting a response from the school. There are also some great templates you can find online. On that note, *please please make Google your friend!!*
Anyway, some pointers would be to put yourself on the mailing list of colleges to get up to date emails about a college, and *to contact a current student, alumnus or admissions representative*. 
Don’t be afraid to ask for the help you need folks! See you next week!


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