You walk into that cute small place and all your senses are awakened.
First, you see all the waiters running here and there. Then you see around to get your eyes stolen by the white thick cheese stretching off the pizza and into the mouth of one lucky person. Visual satisfaction? CHECK! 
Waiting for your order you can hear music in the back of your head. Loud enough for you to recognize the song but not too loud that you can’t have your own conversation. Just Perfect. Auditory satisfaction? CHECK!
Here comes the best part, the pizza comes! First thing that strikes you is the smell. You smell the cheesy, hot smell the moment the pizza arrives. Olfactory satisfaction? CHECK!
Then you pick a slice. The hard texture on the bottom and the soft and moist texture on top just gets you on another planet. Tactile satisfaction? CHECK!
Excuse me but this one has got to be the best part. You actually take a bite. Oh, good God. It’s hard to put this one in words. It’s like a bomb has been set off in your mouth. Taste Satisfaction? CHECK!
I think everyone should go at least once. Because it’s a given that you’ll go again and again once you have gotten a taste. 

Address- On your way from Atlas Hotel to The European Union Delegation Office 
On the ground floor of Rakan Shopping Mall
Average Price- 150ETB

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