Counseling and Test Preparation (CTP) is an educational program founded by Columbia University students that provides comprehensive SAT preparation, college counseling and internship guidance for students in Ethiopia.
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  • Spring Sessions 2021
    Spring Sessions are back! We are pleased to announce that CTP will be holding its annual Spring Sessions event this weekend over Zoom, and you are all invited! We will discuss everything about the College Application Process. We will talk about the Common Application, Standardized Tests, Financial Aid, Essays, and a whole lot more. Nothing […]
  • CTP Podcast with Bruk and Debi
    We are back with the second episode which mainly focused on Gap Year and how to prepare for it. Bruk and Debi share their experiences with a gap year in this episode. They also talk about some of the aspects of the college application process. We hope this episode will be helpful to all of […]
  • CTP Podcast with Guest – Rediet
    Podcast Episode one, discussing college application with Rediet Bekele, a senior at Columbia and the president of CTP. Podcast Hosted by Debi Ejeta, a sophomore at Columbia from CTP’s communications team. In this podcast, Rediet and Debi discuss college applications and Rediet’s experience as an applicant. They also drop some tips on how to cope […]


Our mission is to provide guidance to Ethiopian high school students who wish to pursue higher education abroad

SAT Tutoring

We host preparation courses on the SAT Exam for students in Ethiopia during the Spring and Summer.

Demystifying the College Application

The College Application process is a daunting journey. Our instructors help guide you through the ins and outs of navigating this road.


We pair you up with college students currently attending some of the most prestigious universities in the US. As they share their experiences with you listen to their success stories and learn from their mistakes.

Meet The Team

Rediet Bekele

Columbia University

Dagmawi Sraj


Tilaye Seblework

University of Pennsylvania

Richelle Gomez

Columbia University

Gebrella Dagne

Pomona College

Debi Ejeta

Columbia University

Herma Demissie

Columbia University

Yishak Mohammed


Amerti Gudissa

Columbia University

Amanuel Lemenih


Kidus Amare

Columbia University

Bruk Zewdie

Columbia University

Benyam Eshete

Columbia University

Mahlet Yifru


Aaron Kebede

Lehigh University

Yemisrach Hailemariam

Brown University

Since 2014, CTP has organized 6 summer sessions. Take a look at our CTP Alumni page to see where our former students are currently attending college and how our summer sessions helped them achieve their goals.